Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO & Social Meta Manager cost?

Full access to all the fantastic features of SEO & Social Meta Manager costs only $4 USD per month. If you’d like to take the Manager for a test drive before you subscribe, we’d love for you to do so - that’s why we offer a 5 day free trial for all our users!

What exactly does SEO & Social Meta Manager do?

The SEO and Social Meta Manager is designed to be the ultimate Shopify App for improving your store’s ranking in search engine results, bringing you more customers and creating more sales.

SEO & Social Meta Manager incorporates a number of features to help you reach this goal:

Put together, these features provide all the tools you need to become an SEO powerhouse.

If you’d like to know more about SEO in general, we recommend the Beginner’s Guide to SEO, a free and comprehensive resource that’s a great introduction for newcomers and a valuable refresher for old hands.

How do I install SEO & Social Meta Manager?

We’ve written a comprehensive installation guide that walks you through the simple process of setting up SEO & Social Meta Manager, which you can find right here.

Do I have to re-enter all my all my titles, descriptions and keywords?

No. We didn’t think that’d be much fun, and we didn’t think our users would either. There’s a tool within the app which lets you import your existing data for each product and page.

What if all I want is the ability to NoFollow & NoIndex pages?

You’re in luck! As well as our multifaceted SEO & Social Meta Manager, we’ve also created a dedicated lightweight Shopify app designed specifically to help shop owners set NoFollow & NoIndex meta tags on any pages they wish, for just $1 USD per month. Check out our NoFollow & NoIndex Manager for Shopify!